Siéva, Sieva Streetdance

Siéva is Helsinki, Finland born Streetdance style.
The foundation and inspiration for dance comes from Finnish urban indie folk music, chill electronic music and all urban dance.

Siéva is soft, beautiful and often emotional dance style and it can be danced with woolen socks.

Siéva was born 2008/2009 and one of first appearances were at Juste Debout Finland 2009, where dancer who achieved Street Dance pioneer award wished support for local experimental Street dance styles, later known as Siéva. Finnish Dance culture award (Tanssitaiteen valtionpalkinto) achiever Anniina Jääskeläinen, dancers from and Kallion ilmaisutaidon lukio and many other dancers from all around the Finland are big part in creation of the dance.

Siéva foundational movements includes tassut, treissit, skweet, lattialiikkeet, friissit, liu’ut and megat.

Siéva music Sieva-musiikkia

Siéva is often danced to soft electronic music and Finnish urban indie folk.
Siéva playlist in Youtube
Siéva mixtape vol.1 @ Soundcloud
Siéva & Hiphop Renaissance mixtape by DJ Tiskijoni @ Mixclould

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From Kallio with love

Soft, quiet, long movements, and above all relaxed. Very organic and
natural, you might say.
So is described Siéva, the unique indigenous streetdance style that spreads among dancers in Finland and worldwide.

Hand movements are smooth and the head moves in time with the music as pounds out of the speakers at the Lucky Bar in Kallio .

Streetdance is energetic and aggressive, it’ll be tricks and cool movements which did not suit us, so we started designing our own style to the quiet beautiful music we prefer to listen to. After some time we decided to gather the basic elements of our dance and define the style, dancer from Siéva crew says.

It was filed many years before they presented Sieva. Name is from the Finnish word for PRETTY or sweet, Sievä, and from the old Finnish female name Sieva.

The best thing since the Moomin Valley

New dance styles are a rarity, and before Sieva launched had streetdance circuits not seen the new styles in many years. Dance major problem is that the elite control and there is little room for new ideas. We dancers are taught to do as everyone else and to be held in the box. This leads that new dance styles does not occur.
Dance should be taken for what it is, that is something that is born of people who get together and do the movements together.

Dance to grow and change with time and with the people. That’s how he looks at his Sieva.

”To be honest we do not want to advertise it too much. we are not the type of person who licenses and sells our dance to mass. But we want to be understood that it is there for everyone.”

Here to stay

Finnish Street Dance Championships placed Sieva Group fourth with paragraph ” Parasta sitten Muumilaakson”, in Swedish the best since the Moomin Valley. It was not at all clear that we possibly could participate, dance competitions stays within certain limits and conventions and one can not participate with anything for numbers.
But Sieva is not intended for competition.
Man sells a portion of his soul to make the audience and the judges happy.
The creativity is lost. Our philosophy is not compatible with
competition dance values.

Siévas home is in Kallio on dance studio at Aleksis Kivi street where dancers glide around in woolen socks, the streets of Sörnäinen and Hagnäs, and at clubs like Kuudes Linja and Kaiku.

Dance in the margin

Finnish dance world is a hard world, especially street- branches are struggling at support and appreciation. The state thinks that art should be supported and sports will be supported, but what happens with the dance? Dancing is neither sport or art. We know we need to lobby more for support and appreciation, and it looks brighter. Our generation has done very well for the streetdance in Finland.

But there is still much to do and besides lack of money and status struggling dance scene with internal power struggles.

Often we talk about the hundred richest in the world can save all the hungry in the world and stopping climate change. In the dance world, it just equal. Those who have the most power could work together and find the amazing solutions, but they do not.

Learning with age

One dancer from Siéva crew has added competition career behind and takes no longer dance on too seriously.

“I dance certainly not every day, and if I go out to clubs I preferably sit in a corner and talk to my friends. Teaching others is something what we find value, more than trying to prove ourselves.

The most important thing is to believe in yourself. When I was younger I danced together with my friends Dan and Kimmo. Kimmo had an idea to do rap music in Finnish, but no one believed him. He took loans, built a studio and trained as hell. It’s fine for Kimmo and Dan now. They calls themselves Elastinen and Uniikki.

And it’s never too late to learn new things. ”

Siéva pictures